Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

and good riddance to 2010 - way too many good friends and relatives left us this year.
Meanwhile, Xmas was a success - the turkeys were very delicious and everyone behaved nicely, except for after lunch when I missed out on a spot to sleep... oh well.
Australia did very poorly in the cricket, which was a shame as I was looking forward to blobbing out on the sofa and watching it all. Especially as we went to the Boxing day sales and bought an enormous LG HD, 3D internet etc everything TV and a Blu-ray PVR thing. I only wanted a new set top box! Now I have more gadgets than Joe The Gadget Man (I bet nobody remembers him), including a whizz bang remote control that can do everything except mow the lawn.
Good thing we don't live in Kathmandu with a TV like that as they now have 11 hours a day of power cut - what a total crock - and it is anticipated to climb to 20 hours a day in the next few months. Yuck.
I started back at work this week and we all survived OK. It will be good to get some $$$ rolling in again instead of it flooding out all the time.
Mum was moved to a rehab place this morning (without the hospital notifying us) so all the progress she made with her little brain has gone out the window as she is completely bamboozled about where she is and why she is there. The hospital were meant to call my sister so that one of us could go there with her. Consequently, my darling sister is at the hospital as I type, telling them exactly what she thinks of them. Happy New Year.
Sydney town is HOT and I am so glad I wasn't one of those poor silly sods heading to the waterfront with an esky of lukewarm Fanta at about 8 this morning, just to get a 'good spot' for the fireworks.
We are heading across the road for a barbie this evening and a few sparklers from the Indian party warehouse. Let's hope the sparklers are better than the Indian space rockets that keep blowing up.
And so without further ado, it's Happy New Year from us. Hope to see you in 2011 when there is much more excitement and logistic stuff happening. Have a great NYE and please stagger safely back home!

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