Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greetings from frosty Kathmandu

Gee I hardly know which services to avail myself of.. Needless to say this ISN'T Miss Juni's hair do emporium where I go for my lovely coiffure!
Well winter has certainly hit with a vengeance here in Kathmandu (as well as most of Europe) though we don't have snow. We had a fireside breakfast this morning and I am now in Polartec all day. If you sit in the sun it is very pleasant, but all buildings are very cold and of course the lack of heating and power doesn't help.

Fortunately I'm not going here for lunch any time soon. Robin and I have had a few great meals lately - at the Sterling Club (British embassy) we had great chicken and avocado and last night we went to a French place run by a real French person who has heaters and classy food (classy prices too!) but it was so delicious who cares. And I now have our tickets for the Sterling club Xmas party lunch (with Santa) just a few days before we leave. Taking some friends along to that so it should be fun.

This is a lime green hotel. It has matching green curtains. And dark blue and yellow ceilings. It's horrible. But easy to use as a landmark. Don't know how much rooms are - sorry.
Robin is as usual out at the maphouse finalising his marvellous map collection, to be released soon. Do stay tuned. 

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