Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I didn't forget you

but I have been rather busy!
NYEX (as they called it here) passed off uneventfully and with a substantial amount of alcohol and barbecued meat devoured. Very good.
The next day was extremely hot, especially for anyone who may have had a glass or 2 too many!
Watched the first day of the Sydney test match at home then I graced the workplace with my presence. It has been good to get back into the working thing again. I've got a few days off this week and next so I am trying to get all medical and legal appointments done - but of course it isn't quite working out that way.
We also wanted to paint the new bits of the back of the house that were rebuilt after our fire in June 2009 - the weather forecast has been for rain every day and you guessed it - the sun is out and blazing. So tomorrow we bite the bullet and head for Bunnings paint department...Fun.
Meanwhile, Queensland is sinking under the huge floods and parts of northern NSW are too. As far as we know Sydney won't be affected, but our neighbour was supposed to be going to Brisbane for her niece's wedding this weekend - I seriously doubt that will be happening.
Oh I MUST tell you! We were desperate to test the 3D-ness of our new tv, so hired the 3D Blu Ray version of PIRANHA. You really must see it if you get the chance - there is SO much tacky gratuitous nudity, gore and BAD music. A cult classic in the making. I haven't laughed so hard for ages.
And here is a pic from Kathmandu Durbar Square - a World heritage site that is well worth a visit. The woodcarving is superb. Bye for now

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