Sunday, December 12, 2010

I just saw Santa!

That's right - here in the Hindu land of Nepal we have Santa too. The Sterling Club at the British Embassy had their Xmas lunch buffet party today so off we went with our mixed bunch of friends for turkey buffet, strawberries, bread and butter pudding and mince pies. YUM. And here is Santa in his lovely tinsel bedecked rickshaw being driven by what I think is a gingerbread man - Robin reckons it's a reindeer but I can't see any antlers. Anyway, all us 'grownups' were chasing the rickshaw yelling out hi to Santa. Because we are all dags.

And here are a couple of kiddies in Santa's Grotto getting a present from the big fella. Boy it was crowded in there! I suppose you're wondering what else we are up to. Well, most of our friends have either left town or are on their way out in the next few days. The weather is getting much colder now and everyone can feel it's time to go. Unless of course you are going to Europe where it is a whole lot colder - but at least they have gas, electricity and hot water!
Flying back home on Tuesday so you may not hear from me till we make it back to Sydney - when I hope to be able to upload some video clips on a more reliable internet connection.
See ya later!

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