Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig

And what a FUN few days it has been - not. First of all the hoo-haa at the stupid airport in Katty where there were about 5 international flights leaving at the same time, so the teensy weensy departures 'cell' was crammed - it wasn't even standing room only. Total mayhem but we finally got onto the full flight with a large bunch of Buddhist pilgrims. The flight crew announced that because they had 131 special meals to serve, the meal service may take longer than usual. And it did.
We were late getting to Bangers but no problem as we had plenty of time to catch our midnight connection - which was also chockers.  Thank goodness for sleeping tablets or we would have spent a miserable night sitting up. Shame Robin managed to leave his neck cushion on the previous flight.
We got home in pretty good time and after a quick shower and cuppa we were at Gus the butchers collecting some long awaited chicken bacon and shallot sausages and other meaty items. A few groceries, some wine and fruit and veg and we were set to go home and veg out on the lounge. And play with Lakshmi the wondercat who was exceptionally pleased to see us.
A quick phone call confirmed that the perturbed parent is still confused about many things. Poor darling. We visited her on Friday and ended up taking her into hospital for unexplained back pain which seems to have been the result of an old fracture that none of us knew about. But her mind is now doing some very odd things so we are just waiting to see where we go from here. She does have a very nice geriatrician, Dr Nagaratnam, who we had a chat with this morning.
Sterling Club Santa
Most people we know are in full swing for Xmas but we are still kinda making it up as we go along. The turkeys are ordered, my sister made the cake and I have a pudding and some mince pies to collect. So it's just a matter of veges, brandy butter and alcohol I guess.
Now that the cricket has finished I have no excuse for sitting in front of the TV, so I will just have to find other things to do. I'm off to the former workplace on Tuesday to seal the deal for more work next year, and I also have to take PP to a surgeon on Xmas Eve (wonderful) to get a skin cancer thing cut out. Ouch.
Enjoy the week before Xmas and don't drink and drive!

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