Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre Christmas mayhem

And my 100th post! Time for a drink...
Well my goodness we have been flat out. After the PP got admitted to hospital last Friday we have been trying to sort out options for the future, meeting with her doctor and trying to deal with everything that has been thrown up in our faces. It's almost as though she has given up now and it is a very sad thing to watch. I hope it never happens to me. Or anyone else I know. Add to that her severe osteoporosis (which results in her fracturing bones with a sneezing fit - news to us as well) and you can see it may not be a fun-filled Christmas in the Boustead-Smythe residence this year. Oh well, we must try our best. And keep eating dairy. More cheese please. But I did manage, after going to about twenty shops, to find Christmas crackers (or bonbons if you are that way inclined) which almost sent me bloody crackers!
On a more jolly note, I visited the old workplace the other day and have been invited back for some time, starting next week! Excellent, and the bank manager WILL be pleased! It was great to catch up with everyone there too. And Peter, enjoy the trip to Bagdogra!
Today we're off for lunch with Geoff of the Jungle in town. Sydney is manic right now and I shall try to avoid the shops. Tomorrow I have to take PP to a plastic surgeon in Westfield Parramatta (ghastly thing to do on xmas eve) after which I will definitely require rum. In large quantities. Meanwhile Brave Sir Robin will be going to the butchers and the bakers to collect the last of the Christmas fare for me to cook.
Looking forward to the Boxing Day cricket from Melbourne, and of course the sales - time for new undies. Speaking of which, I took all the PP's dirty clothes out of the basket at her place yesterday and brought them home to wash. While I was out disposing of her old recliner at the Salvo's Robin kindly pegged out mum's clothes - 11 pairs of Cottontails (if you don't know what they are google it) and 5 bone coloured shirts. He has made me promise that if I ever consider underwear like that I must shoot myself, and if he isn't at home I can just leave a note saying "tempted by Cottontails. Time to end it." Not a problem. Oh no, my toothbrush just fell into the kitty litter which I had moved while I was mopping the floor. DISASTER!
So I leave you now to hang out laundry and get ready for lunch. And sterilise my toothbrush...
Here is a video of one of my favourite intersections in Kathmandu - Tri Devi Marg and Kantipath, right outside the former Royal Palace which you can see in the top right corner (now the infamous urine filled Ministry of Foreign Affairs). I do hope you enjoy it.


  1. My goodness I got a mention - now I'm famous!

  2. Indeed you are! Hope Kalimpong is not too cold and you haven't had too many cups of tea. Give my regards to Bagdogra check in on your way back home!Happy New Year.