Saturday, December 4, 2010

Permanently Polartec'd

Seems every day is just a bit colder than the one before. I am now permanently in fleece except if I can sit in the sun all day - which I usually can't. This is the fire at Sams which keeps us warm on the terrace if it is too crowded or smoky inside by the kerosene heater. The best fire though is at Mandap Indian across the road - and the tandoori is pretty good too.
As you can see, flying has many hazards over here - some before you have even left the ground! I suppose it makes a change from pilots having to sacrifice goats in front of planes because the maintenance crew can't find out why the plane doesn't work properly. I SO wouldn't be getting on that flight.

I made Robin take this photo at a butcher we walked past yesterday in Asan. Can't work out why there weren't any flies on it though. I'll post the picture of the rest of it another day.
And I think I told you about the lack of over we have here - well the street jewellery vendors are now approaching people in pitch black dark asking them to 'look this jewellery - very nice madam'. Frankly my dear I wouldn't know!
We had a friend from Bardia come up yesterday on the night bus - our jungle guide Sitaram who came up so we could buy him a camera. a lovely 13 hour bus trip (so not Greyhound!) followed by a walk though the crazy streets to New Road to the camera emporia. We found a great little Canon Powershot with 14x zoom which will be ideal for wildlife photos. Poor Sitaram nearly got run over many times just wandering around the Big Smoke and by 2pm (he arrived at 7am) he was ready to get back on the next bus home. Katty can be a very intimidating place.
Robin has already done an interview this morning for a newspaper here, and we are relaxing in front of the cricket on telly before heading off for lunch with a friend, followed by dinner with another. I need to lie down!

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