Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Krazy krazy krazy

This was in this morning's op-ed section of the Rising Nepal (Rinsing Nepal, Rising Nipple and many less flattering names). If I live to be 100 (unlikely) I will not work out what this person is talking about. I've read it 3 times. So surely you can manage just one. It isn't very long...
Well I have been busy the last few days down at Tilganga eye hospital having the Grand Tour and interviewing doctors, nurses, patients and administrators getting the lowdown on the place. And what an interesting story it is. They train doctors and nurses from all over the world, and they have even sent training teams to North Korea. I had the pleasure of meeting two eyecare specialists from Bangladesh yesterday and what delightful men they were. More Tilganga stuff later.

This is just WRONG. But kinda funny. In a sick way. These folks don't know any different.  We've had more protests in town from the infamous students because the price of petrol products was increased by Rs 3 per litre yesterday. So I guess we'll have some more strikes soon. Robin's giant map is almost finished printing and so we hope to have one in our hands in the next few hours. He is busy checking the topo trekking maps and I am trying to get some articles written about the hospital but my brain has frozen.
This is Dinesh, from Tilganga reception, and Datong Tulku, a Rinpoche from Bhutan who is visiting with the Bhutanese Queen Mother. He was getting his eyesight checked as well. Rinpoche is 55 and had laser surgery to correct his eyesight and has been getting treated for swelling in his eyes. A delightful man who lives in a monastery about an hour's drive from Punakha and is busy restoring the 300 year old building with 47 assistants. He clearly doesn't feel the cold like the rest of us mere mortals.
Right then time for tea and biscuits.

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