Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tihar Time

 Today is the first day of the 5 day celebration Diwali/Tihar. The animal worshipped today is the crow, but I'm not having any of that caper. I did however go to Asan, the famous local market for a wander around and bought a few things - everyone has to shop in this festival. I took a lot of pics for those of you who haven't experienced the festival - all the shops gaily decorated and every shopkeeper has branched out into the flashing light business. Funny when the country has powercuts but anyway... My hotel has the lights hanging for 5 floors so it will look lovely at night.

And here is a flashing picture of the great goddess herself. If you are all very good I'll post the movie of it another day.
Jewellery shops are especially OTT 
Stay tuned there will be more photos tomorrow - the connection here is a little off and on - well more off than on actually!

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