Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Diwali!

And another Happy New Year (Newari Sambhat this time).Nepal has 5 New Years: The 'western' one on Jan 1, Lhosar (Tibetan) on about 14 Feb, Nepali on about 15 April, this one today and another that we can't remember. All the non western ones are ruled by the phases of the moon so are a little hard to predict. So now it is either: 2010, 2137, 2067, or 1130. So I am either very old, the same age, or not born yet.

 Last night was Lakshmi puja, so everyone washed their shops/houses, hung malas (garlands) of marigolds and made mandala and offerings out the front at dusk with a line of coloured powder and tiny clay lamps or candles to guide the goddess Lakshmi into their houses to bring wealth and happiness for the next year. Here's some pics to demonstrate.
And just like Christmas lights on houses at home, everyone wanders around to see what everyone else has done.
And although this is a shop which sells Tibetan Buddhist paintings, they don't take the chance of ignoring the Hindu goddess and missing out on good luck and business. i like that.
Tomorrow is Bhai tikka, when I go to my brothers house and get the powder on my forehead, maybe a present and then lunch. Just like Christmas without the turkey.

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