Monday, November 22, 2010

my goodness liquid meals are BAD for you

must try solids one day.

Since we last met I have received the all clear from the eye doctor - which was nice! I just have to come back next year and get the other eye done which I knew was going to happen anyway. Shame I can't manage it now but he is running out of time as he is off to some conferences next week. It's a good reason to come back though...

Thought you might like to know the state of crime and punishment in this krazy place. Click to enlarge and enjoy.
 I think I would have to be really busting big time to consider going in there....
So yesterday we attended an exhibition of Balgo art from Australia thanks to my new BFF the Aussie ambassador. Lovely paintings, wine and snacks followed by an outing to Sams with her and her entourage. Oh dear. Probably the funniest thing was as she was leaving our friend Uttam (who is 65 and very old school) bowed to her (and almost fell over) swept his arm and said 'Excellency'. Ha ha too funny. Felt a little tired this morning. I wonder why.

I wandered down to Basantapur Durbar Square for a meeting with the map guys, and took an artistic black and white shot for you. They really do have the most wonderful wood carvings in this town. Shame they now prefer cement.
The weather is starting to turn quite cold now, so I have been head down bum up in the clothing stash finding nice warm things to wear. We have a dinner at the embassy on Wednesday which has a dress code of 'warm and casual' since we might be outside. Brrr.

We're now back to powercuts every day except Sunday (although we didn't have any on Saturday when we should have), and the fires are going in the restaurants and in Sams. We also have Thankgsgiving dinner turkey buffet on Thursday night, and I believe on Friday we are meeting a French glacial cave explorer for wine. For the life of me I can't recall what happens on Saturday but I know there is something.

See how busy and glam our life is here?

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