Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mainly fine throughout the country

or so the weather report invariably states. 'with occasional rain showers in some parts'. Very useful.

So I now have the sinus disease that's going round town, and spent yesterday in bed watching High Grant movies - that made me feel MUCH better.

Robin is trying to get the world's largest map of Nepal printed today for our do at the embassy tonight. We thought it was just a small dinner party but it has now turned into a huge occasion where there isn't enough room for us all inside, so warm clothing is the order of the day (or night) since it now gets below 10 after dark.
Love it!
All the angry trekkers have been airlifted from Lukla now, and Katty has quietened down considerably since they have all gone home. The trekking season is now pretty much over except for the few diehards who love the cold clear air of December, when you get probably the best views of the mountains and nowhere is crowded.

Ooh I forgot to tell you that last Friday night the caretaker treasurer was trying to table to budget which is about 3 months late, and as he made his way to the table with the red ribbon wrapped briefcase some Maoist parliamentarians 'manhandled' him, punches were thrown and the briefcase was wrecked. What a dignified performance.

Got a few more weeks here before we head for home and the joys of Xmas cooking. Hopefully we can avoid most of the poxy xmas tunes in the supermarket...I think next year we'll xmas here to avoid it completely. And I can save my pennies to come back next year to get the other eye done...

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