Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from the jungle

Buddha mandala from tihar festival

And what an interesting time it was. The night before I was leaving I had a pizza for dinner - same pizza I've had for ages here - and about 2am I realised I needed NOT to be in bed, but in the loo, where I spent the next few hours. For some reason I didn't have any Cipro in my room, so I had to send one of the hotel boys to the hospital round the corner to get some before I headed to the airport. The one hour plane trip and the 2 hour bouncy jeep drive were sensational with the runs!!!

And poor brave Sir Robin and the boys did have to fly to Surkhet then 5 hr drive in a falling apart bus to get to me in the jungle - not happy.

Didn't see any tiger, but had a fun elephant ride and a bit of a jungle walk. 
The rhino that used to live in the army camp next door

Here's our accommodation at Bardia Jungle Cottage. Very relaxing. And right next to the park entrance. Geoff and the boys really enjoyed it, and they flew home yesterday after 4 weeks of fun and frolic. And Luke never wants to get on a horse again. Elephants are a different matter.

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