Monday, November 8, 2010

off to the jungle

Now the festivals have finished for a while, and I am off to Nepalganj tomorrow to meet the boys and go to Bardia National Park in the far west of Nepal. It should be hot in the day and cold at night which makes packing a nightmare. Oh well.
I got a lovely pashmina and some money from my bhai Puru yesterday on the occasion of bhai tikka. Can never have too many pashminas - or earrings.
Meanwhile we are having problems with the flights from Simikot to Nepalganj for the lads - the word today is that the pilot/airline whoever wants to take the flight to Surkhet instead. Which isn't the same place. And isn't where I will be arriving. Nor is it where we are going....
I am heartily sick and tired of the way the airlines here just redirect flights at the last minute. I just heard that the 'issue' today is because the World Food Program (don't get me started!!!@#@) have their rice stores at Surkhet and the airline doesn't want to fly to 2 destinations. But surely, I hear you scream they charge WFP for the cost? And it is a fully ticketed scheduled flight!!!! Like I said, DON'T GET ME STARTED.
So now I have 2 phones ringing and a man banging on the door with my tray tea as I have missed lunch as I am too busy trying to find someone to shout at.
In view of the fact (laughable as it may seem) that Nepal is hoping to attract a million tourists next year, and get some of them to remote destinations, I can see a few letters to the editor etc on this one from 'Ticked off of Thamel' (that's me BTW). How wonderful that Robin is doing a series of newspaper interviews next week. Mmmwaaahaahaa!
And I didn't mention that all the hotels are full to overflowing right now, and restaurants are taking an hour some nights to get meals out because they are so crowded. What also hinders efficiency is that unlike 15 or so years ago, most tourists here are in groups - often 12 or more - and it is much ore difficult for the kitchen to get 12 meals all ready at the same time instead of individual or 2 meals. Which can be good for me as I am easy to serve and get out the door again, but I sure get some nasty stares from large groups from certain European countries who didn't do so well in WW1 WW2. If you know what I mean. But I really dislike hearing the staff being yelled at when they are doing their utmost - especially recently when it is festival time and many places have only half or so of their staff - just like Xmas people like to be with their family for the festivals here as well. Chill out you lot and have another drink!
In fact I should try chilling out as there is nothing much I can do about this stupid plane situation - except that Robin keeps ringing me up and telling me to ring this that and the other person and get something happening - afraid that it's seeming impossible right now but the travel agent bless him is having a go.
Right now there isn't enough internet juice to post a pic I had for you, but hopefully I can manage it when we get back from the jungle. So you won't see me till the weekend.

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