Thursday, November 18, 2010

back to the busy social whirl

Kathmandu - where the phone never stops! At least it means people are thinking of us....

Right now though Robin has the Katty Koff which is doing a great job of keeping us awake.

Now that winter has officially arrived - on the Nepali calendar it is now Mangsir, the first month of winter - the fire at the famous Chimney restaurant at the Yak and Yeti has been lit, and the load shedding has ramped up to 29 hours a week for the moment. That will of course increase over the next few months.

The Lukla flights have once again failed to fly for 3 or 4 days - which means that loads of p'd off people are stuck in the mountains after their Everest treks, unable to make their connections home.  Because they never leave enough days in the itinerary in case of bad weather. Which is what we have at the moment. And hilariously, on Tuesday, a Saudi prince was leaving here after a 3 day visit in his private jet. Which meant that 50 domestic flights were cancelled and international flights got redirected to Delhi. How stupid. Don't ask me how this place plans to accommodate the million tourists it wants to attract next year. Or fly them around. Or feed them. Or anything.

Here's a delightful item from the paper:
I'm not sure I understand.....     
 Click to read it in all its glory.

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