Sunday, June 19, 2011

We won!

That was a cracker game at what used to be called the Olympic Stadium. I forget what it's called now - and I don't really care. The car park was chockers - we had to park on level 8 (the top) and yet the place wasn't even half full. How weird. Luckily for us we were at the end where the Tahs scored 4 tries. Pity my distance eyesight is failing fast thanks to my cataract, so I struggled to see a lot of it, but I did enjoy jumping up and down and yelling "Go. Run. YAAAAAAY" a lot. And I only spilled my drink a little bit. Steve brought some New Zealand Water (Sauv Blanc) and some Red Drink (Shiraz) as well as Portuguese Custard tarts, chocolate brownie and caramel slices. Neal and Rhonda made roast chicken bread rolls. It was very gourmet - and cheaper than the options available on site. I made sure I was warm in several layers of polar fleece and goretex that I managed to dig out from the cupboard. Next week the Tahs have to play the Auckland Blues in Auckland - that's gonna be a tough one.
Yesterday at lunch time Mads and Clare dropped in for a barbie. I can now categorically state that jetlag does not help man's ability to barbecue - in fact Mads bailed on his bloke duties and left it to us chicks to barbie the bangers, and they were pretty damn good even if I do say so myself. We all had a chat to Robin on Skype  which was a treat for sir, except the bit where he found out the girls had used his barbie, AND that I had dared to scrub a portion of it before use....Oops.
On Friday night Robin went to a 40th birthday party for a friend of the business partner of the chap who stiffed him for money in the trek logistics. The Money Squirrel was there and apparently horrified to see Robin. Too funny. I would have enjoyed seeing that. Yesterday they met in an attempt to resolve things but it seems the MS is intractable.
Just got a call from Robin to tell me that he and a young Spanish friend of his absent host Raj, Perico, just arrived in Delhi so they tooled off to the fabulous Imperial Hotel on Janpath for Sunday Buffet. Robin wanted to let me know they shared s side of salmon. deep fried prawns, Foie Gras, NZ lamb, beef, pork, salad (which made 4 plates of entree and 3 of main) and they were contemplating dessert. Meanwhile I am reheating 1 chicken sausage left over from the barbie, heating up a bread roll and frying half an onion from last week sometime. Yum. AT least the wine is good!
Cheers! Enjoy your week and stay tuned for international money news.

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