Saturday, June 25, 2011

We lost :(

But at least we made it into the finals....but not for long.
Anyway, there's been heaps of things happening this week. Robin should just be stepping off the Kingfisher flight from Delhi to Leh. Lucky sod. I'm sure he'll be very relieved to be out of the heat and dust of Delhi, although every time I spoke to him he had just been out having a fun time with a couple of friends, going to a bar or a restaurant. So he'll now spend a couple of weeks trekking around Leh, and luckily for him there a couple of festivals (the Hemis Festival and another one I can't remember). He's never been to Leh before, and is hoping to run into the friends he caught up with in Manali a few weeks ago.
Robin also decided to buy an iPad during the week as he was struggling to download his pics onto the computer in Hauz Khas. Good one...
And he lined up a deal with a big map making firm in Delhi to produce topographical maps of the Indian Himalaya for trekkers. Yet another bunch of stupid maps to take up room in my luggage no doubt.
And thank goodness the sun is out and shining bright today - there's been a few days this week when I just couldn't warm up at all.
Only 4 more Fridays at work then I'm off. Wow it seems to have come around really quickly and am I organised? No.
So I'd better go start now!

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