Sunday, June 12, 2011

Did I tell you I hate the cold weather

Which is pretty unfortunate considering how vile the last week has been. And of course most of my warm stuff is in Kathmandu in a storeroom. Handy. I've managed to dig up all manner of things in my attempts to make do and I have managed to get through without frostbite. An array of coats, hats, scarves and gloves has been employed and I even resorted to tights under my work trousers one day. On one particularly cold day I was sitting on the train with 2 spare seats next to me. The carriage was filling up and I wondered why people were standing when there was room next to me. Then I sensed someone was about to jump into the seat from behind me, when I heard them say 'Arab' and whoever it was didn't sit down. How odd I thought; then I realised that I was wearing a long black coat and had my pashmina shawl wrapped around my head and neck. Obviously I was doing an impeccable impersonation of a woman who may have hailed from Iran or something. How strange. And how rude! Makes you wonder about people sometimes. But hey, I got the seat to myself, the xenophobe stood up all the way and I was lovely and warm. Who lost that one?
Brave Sir Robin has finally made it to Manali (not without drama) and is enjoying being in a 2 room apartment for a few days. He has had a major difference of opinion with the chief of the organising committee in Delhi, and called me in a right tizzy just as I was getting home from work on Friday telling me to get this and that arranged and with a list of emails to send. I was back to being Mrs Logistics, from afar. Friday night was therefore somewhat disjointed - but I still managed to enjoy drinkies and home made pizza next door.
Yesterday had me doing more organising, and I was hosting the rugby barbecue across the road as the homeowners were away for the weekend and I was babysitting the cat and the Foxtel. How onerous.
Robin hosted a dinner party last night for some friends who had arrived in Manali to attend the memorial service for our friend Joel which is on tomorrow. Can't believe it's already 12 months since he died up there. After that he'll get his route sorted for the trek to Kashmir. Apart from the weather and passes he also has the security issues to contend with.
I just saw on the news that 180 flights have been cancelled today because of volcanic ash from another unpronounceable volcano, this time in Chile. That would be annoying. Not as annoying as the awful driving I saw today. It was absolutely bucketing down this morning as I pootled on the M4 to see mum. The speed limit is 90, I was doing less than that due to the heavy rain, and I was being overtaken by people doing at least 100 kph and changing lanes as though their butt was on fire. When I was coming back, I was right behind a stack where a P plater (of course) dropped the clutch at the lights and immediately lost control, skidding wildly and taking out the car in front of me. So of course I stopped to offer my advice on their motoring skills. And my details for the insurance claim.
OK I think it's time to turn the heater up and fix myself an aperitif. Because I am worth it.

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