Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crazy busy mayhem!

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That was a week that I would not care to repeat in a hurry. Where were we up to - ah yes Robin was in Manali having kittens about money and tents. And waiting to meet up with some friends for Joel's puja. Well the tents with all their broken poles could not be solved, but the puja went well according to all reports.
And as for the money problem... I think I have about 10 ulcers now. Robin probably has more. After much soul searching (and looking behind the cushions for spare change) Robin decided to leave the India GHT at Manali and get to Delhi as he had run out of money and the stress of trying to sort everything out without my fabulous assistance was just too much. So he is now in Hauz Khas, where I was last year, with Hydra the wonder cat and Captain Ashram. Before Robin decided to stop trekking, he had bought supplies for the final 3 weeks. So he took these down to Delhi where apparently Captain Ashram's eyes lit up and he told Robin that the food would be very welcome at the ashram, and Robin told him that was very interesting but not likely to happen any time soon. So now Brave Sir Robin is trying to find things to do that will get him out of Delhi where it is 40 something - I would love to be there and be warm. The stress this week of trying to sort out the money issues, and still having to go to work and listen to people's excuses for not paying their loans was an interesting exercise, especially in this awful cold windy weather which makes me sneeze constantly. For my part, I don't think Robin will be allowed (Management Directive here) to go trekking UNLESS Yours Truly has her hands firmly on the purse strings. Money is a wonderful thing, and everybody wants some of it. More of it. All of it. But now I don't have any of it.
So enough moaning. It is a wonderful sunny day and my friend Mads is arriving from Nepal any minute now. His partner Clare (my Yo Sis) is collecting him from the airport and we're having a barbecue lunch - snags all round. Then I've gotta dig out all the warm clothes I own as I'm off to the Super 15 Rugby tonight - Tahs v Brumbies. If we (the Tahs) win then we might just squeeze into the finals. I'm really looking forward to it.
And my Nepali niece and her hubby arrived on Thursday night - they are moving to Adelaide for study in a few weeks. Silly duffers left lots of messages on my voicemail yesterday 'Aunty we are here please call' but they didn't leave their phone number. Not very useful.
Our friend Andrew Lock got an OAM in the Queen's birthday honours list last week - well done him. I hope I don't have to call him Sir.
I also had a hot chocolate disaster the other night - I made up some hot chocolate with just a nip of brandy and as I lifted the mug the handle parted company with the mug, and I ended up with hot chocolate all over the kitchen floor. And not just hot chocolate, but the chopped up Neapolitan marshmallows too. What a horrible sticky mess. What do you mean you've never heard of Neapolitan marshmallows?
I have also been busy getting quotes for my neighbour Neal and his paramour Rhonda to go trekking in Nepal in November. Seems as soon as one thing stops another starts right now!
My hands are cold so I'm off to sit in the sun and await my guests.
I'll let you know how the Rugby goes if I don't get frostbite - at least the rain has stopped!

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