Sunday, February 27, 2011

How can Feb almost be finished?

Strewth, didn't that go quickly!If I tried to tell you all this week's goings on it would take forever.
Robin has now left Ghunsa and is headed for Kanch Base Camp area. The weather is pretty damn cold but luckily they've not had any rain so far. There was snow on the ground but nothing falling on them as far as I know.
Everyone seems to be going along OK, but then again it has only been about 10 days and there's 147 to go for Toni and Greg who are going for the lot. Better them than me. Oh and they had Goat A La Mode the other night. My favourite, as you all know...NOT.
Meanwhile I have been toiling away at the office, trying to get our collection figures down even though it seems that nobody wants to pay anything. Some days all I seem to do is leave messages for people who never call me back. Perhaps they like getting increasingly stern voicemails - maybe they get off on that sort of thing. I mean, you never can tell these days!
I've been keeping myself entertained with, among other things, the XBox we got with our new telly. It came with some stupid car game thing, but also a thing called Kinect Adventures. It's like a video game I guess (stupid old fart doesn't know anything) except that your movements are on the screen - like a WiiFit so I am told. Anyway, I was playing a stupid stand up rafting game jumping around the loungeroom and treading on the cat, but at least I didn't break any priceless Ming vases - mostly because we don't own any!
So then I decided I would buy the Zumba disc - remember when I had a go at Zumba last year? Well I got it home and unpacked it, moved one of the chairs into the hall to give me room and off I went. Ha ha it was so hilarious - and after the first 'dance' or whatever I had sweat running off me. Puss came to investigate and promptly sneered at me and wandered back to her bowl. I did one more then had to rest. For several days. Such fun and much cheaper than a stupid gym membership. The bonus is that nobody else can see how ridiculous I look, or how I keep getting my feet mixed up. Hand eye co-ordination was never my strong suit.
Last night was my nephew's engagement party so off I went, crystal wine vessels in hand. Met some of my sister's friends I've not seen for decades, and all us old gits hung around the back moaning about how the music was 'ours' (Village People, Cindy Lauper, Tina Turner etc) and they should get their own. It was very Bankstown Sports Club 1979 except I wasn't tanked and I wasn't dancing. And my goodness the dresses - I've got larger handkerchiefs! Good luck to them  if they can get away with it, but here's a tip girls - wear something short if you have the figure for it, but don't keep tugging at the hemline trying to get it longer...

Here's some soggy Blue Poppies in Bhutan for you. Have a good week and try to be nice to everyone - even the idiots at Town Hall station who barge past to get on the escalator or into the train. It's probably not their fault they're so ignorant.

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