Saturday, February 12, 2011

home alone 2

I survived the first week of being 'IT' at work, relatively unscathed. And now I'm all alone except for Princess Lakshmi the Wonder Cat.
Robin narrowly avoided excess luggage charges on Thursday and had, so he says, a rather uneventful trip to Kathmandu. With a BIG sleep in Bangkok on the way. Last night he went to our local and I'm still waiting to hear who was there and what the gossip is. Though as it's only early Feb I doubt there's much going on as only crazy people are in Kathmandu this time of year.
The powercuts are 14 hours a day now in the 'du so Robin was scrambling to get some work done when I just rang him, as there was only 15 minutes of 'bhatti' left.
Mum got out of hospital today and seems rather cranky - about life in general I think. And she is being difficult to deal with and insists on putting everything down the bottom of cupboards, shelves etc - it's driving me nuts. So I told her if she falls over bending down to get things don't ring my phone asking for help. She doesn't even want to eat vanilla slices anymore, and Di told me mum only weighs 45 kilos. That's considerably less than either of us!
So tonight I have been invited across the road for dinner, only they forgot to buy chicken for me so I have to BYO! Better get going and make something.

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