Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun and games in Kanch

Greetings from the March Mayhem. I've been kept flat out this week with work, Robin and Perturbed Parent problems.
Mum is out of respite care (which started off disastrously but seemed to work out OK) and has really gone downhill - so much that we need to start looking for a permanent high care place for her. Meanwhile, we have nurses coming twice a day to make sure she takes her medication, eats, has a shower and whatever other things need doing. The whole thing is very stressful, especially for my sister who lives just a few minutes from mum.

I have been busily checking the weather forecasts several times a day - and lucky that I did. I was able to let Robin know that the weather was going to turn, so the happy trekkers had a dash for Kanch Base Camp on Monday and managed to get a view of the mountain - and that's not always possible. They also saw a snow leopard one day when they were stopped for lunch. Lucky! This is a view of the pass near Jannu from Robin's trip there a few years ago. On Sunday they head to altitude again for a pass so fingers crossed that the weather stays clear. One of the trekkers ,Toni, who is hoping to do the whole traverse, found the deep snow a problem on the dash to Base Camp - she's only 4 foot 11!
They are all back in the bustling metropolis of Ghunsa and are excited as tomorrow is Sherpa Losar (New Year) and so they are having a day off, a party and a GOAT! It will then be Tibetan/Buddhist year 2138. How to get easily confused. So, Happy Losar to everyone.
Right now I am enjoying a rerun of The Young Ones and I am pleased to report it is still as stupid as ever. I must be a bit juvenile as I still laugh at (P)Rick with a silent P. I can't decide if my favourite is Neil the lentil-loving peacenik, or Vyvyan the punk medical student.
Right, I'm going to enjoy the silliness on the box - I need it after the week I've had - and I still need to get through Friday!!!

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