Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally cooling down....

 I give you Exhibit A - the fridge magnet yesterday afternoon at 4pm. PHEW! Then the hot wind got stronger. Luckily we were headed across the road to our charming neighbours who have air con. But best of all was the pool party. All 6 of us were sitting on plastic chairs, with our feet in the 3 inches of water in the kiddy pool, drinking champagne. So classy! And eating chips and dip. It was better than all of us trying to squeeze into the pool. The southerly buster never happened, and we suffered the warm nor'west winds all night. Of course, by the time we staggered home at 11.30pm the house was like an oven - even though we left the doors open (or perhaps because we did) and the ambient temp had dropped to a beautiful 30 degrees. So another night of sweating profusely and another morning of sheet washing.
This afternoon I whipped up a Jamaican Jerked Chicken marinade from this wonderful website. That is now festering in the fridge and I'll let you know after dinner tomorrow how it tastes.
I'm taking this opportunity to remember a friend of ours who succumbed to the heatwave last week. Glenn was a big guy and had some health problems in the last few years but we sure never expected this to happen. OM my friend. I do hope it isn't the start of another year of final goodbyes.
I'm off to enjoy a cup of tea without melting for a change. robin is off on Thursday so I'll keep you posted on all his adventures. I'm not doing his logistics now as visas are too much of a hassle - staying here to rebuild the bank account is a much more useful way to spend my time. So I won't be seeing him for maybe 5 or 6 months. Think of all the chocolate I can eat in bed!!!

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