Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feelin' hot hot hot

That's what it is in the kitchen right now  @2pm. And the sun still hasn't hit the back of the house properly. There is a delightful hot wind that reminds me of Delhi last year, so the doors are shut which means no hot wind comes in. It also means no air comes in so I expect to suffocate very soon. Robin is busy working away on the website in the front room, and I have been trying to distract him to get the curtains down so I can wash them - no luck there I'm afraid.Will have to wait till after he leaves on Thursday next week.
Remember I mentioned last time that I was dyeing my hair? Well it has been SO hot all week as you may know (over 30 every day for 6 days and not much less at night). I was lying in bed trying to sleep, without much luck I might add, sweating all over the sheets (now I know how the Shroud of Turin was made!) when to my horror I saw that my lustrous Violet Vision has leaked all over the once white Egyptian cotton sheets. Oh dear...Don't they look delightful.
Brave Sir Robin has been busy accumulating gadgets and the like for his trip and just took delivery of a Kindle and a new iPod nano - it is SOOOOO tiny. The Kindle is a ripper and he has lots of books on it that he never had time to read - frankly if I had the time I wouldn't be reading most of what he put there but it isn't mine so it doesn't matter. It is seriously funky and I think he will enjoy not having to lug heavy books or read the same things 10 times over on a trek!
Meanwhile I have been enjoying the daily commute on unairconditioned trains with squillions of sweaty workers - it really puts me in a bad mood. And of course there are the lovely summer outfits. Saw one yesterday that was just awful - large round young lady about late 20's. Spartan sandals that wrapped right around her ankles, chopping her off. Knee length tights, chopping her off. Short dress with belt around the non existent waist, chopping her off. Poor girl looked like a string of sausages in a frock. And don't get me started on anybody who wears stupid cut-off denims that are so short the pockets (or something else - eeewwww!!!) hangs out the bottom. I can't imagine that they are cool or comfortable, and they aren't much chop of a look. Still, perhaps young males like the look....
And poor Princess Lakshmi the Wonder Cat just wonders when she won't be melting in her fur coat.
But at least we have avoided floods, fires and cyclones here in Sydney. And cold snaps, and earthquakes, and revolutions. So you so see, it really could be worse. Try telling that to Robin at 3am when it is 26 degrees C and we don't have air con in the house...
Stay comfortable and dry wherever you are on the planet.

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