Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lovely day to walk to Chiruwa

So Robin tells me anyway. They got to their destination yesterday in good time and were able to have a swim in the river (very briefly apparently!) before  10 hour sleep.
Today they are headed for Chiruwa, where they will be in a gorge and possibly out of phone range.
For anyone who doesn't know the area, here's a link to a map of Kanchenjunga. They started at Taplejung which is on the left hand side, inbetween grid G and H. Follow the dotted yellow line (the left hand side one) north and you will see where they are going. Sorry the map isn't very large but you should be able to make out enough detail to follow.
Welcome to my new follower Don - I hope you enjoy.
I think it is time for me to head to the swimming pool - it's way too steamy here now and I can't be bothered doing any more jobs. I've already had my bizarre visit with mum today and think I need to float for a bit to recover from it.

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