Thursday, February 17, 2011

And they're OFF!

Robin and his band of happy trekkers flew safely to Bhadrapur today and are currently on a very wiggly road for a 2 day drive to Taplejung. Better them than me.
Yesterday in Kathmandu was the official launch of the World Ex GHT trip, and here is a press item about it. Robin also did a radio interview and TV interview with Jo Jolly from the BBC - when I get details I will post them here.
If you sign up to his GHT website you can check out the newsletter and sign up for the next edition. But of course you will also get the news here.
Meanwhile puss is being just too naughty for words, and tomorrow the Super-whatever-number-it-is Rugby starts, with the Tahs up against the new Melbourne team whose name I cannot recall. But I shall be enjoying it across the road as per usual.
The funniest thing this week was on Valentines Day. My boss Jeff was going to buy his wife some flowers - we tried to talk him out of wasting money on flowers and going to Tiffany instead - he could always pinch some flowers out of a garden on the way home we reasoned. Contrary to our very sensible advice, he purchased a bunch of flowers, which he proudly told us was 'a bunch of gerbils'. Imagine.... ha ha ha.
Time for a refresher in this heat methinks.
Stay tuned

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