Sunday, January 30, 2011

There goes January!

Whoosh! How can it be the 30th already? And I STILL haven't managed to get to the local pool. At least now I can blame being at work and having the weekends full of visits to the Old Confused One, and entertaining various persons for barbies before Brave Sir Robin nicks off again on the 10th of February. Gawd.
While I have been slaving over a hot debtors ledger and enjoying the moist delights of Town Hall station on a sultry and airless afternoon, Robin has been trying to: finish off a Nepal GHT film, write an article for Wanderlust magazine, un-hack the website, sort out everything for the World Expeditions trek, and organise some shelves in the bedroom for the old TV so I can sit in bed in winter and watch Richard Gere and Hugh Grant movies with the cat. I told him the cat prefers fish documentaries but he didn't seem to care. Not sure if I already told you this, but here is the link to the Bhutan movies that Robin made and stuck on YouTube. Hope you enjoy - there's 4 in the series.
We have been lucky enough in Sydney not to be flooded or set on fire, but it has been very hot. It is the sort of weather where you just want to sprawl about, legs akimbo. As you can see:

Don't you love the discarded shoes! At least they match the lino.

I was heartened to read online this morning about a very tacky Royal Wedding souvenir - condoms. Here's the link - do enjoy.
And it was nice to see Peter back in the workplace after his holiday in India - shame about the Kalimpong Koff and Bagdogra Belly - a dynamic combination and sure to baffle the doctors for sometime.
OK the buzzer has gone and it is time for me to rinse the lovely Violet Vision dye from my hair and prepare for the next round of barbecue frenzy.

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