Friday, October 15, 2010

Time to start packing - again!

all I ever seem to be doing is packing, unpacking or tidying up. 2010 Year of the Suitcase. Anyway, only 3 sleeps to go - don't tell Puss. Visited the Aged Parent yesterday to get her unique view on everything - poor thing sometimes she's really switched on and other times, well nothing really. But she seems happy enough in her own way.
And real progress has been made on the eyesight front - I now have an appointment with Dr Ruit at Tilganga Clinic next week to see what he can do for me. It's very exciting. I just want to be rid of these annoying specs that fog up, fall off and generally irritate the &**#^ out of me. 
Off to town this morning to see the gang at the old workplace for lunch, while Robin goes to World Ex for another meeting.
So we get to the 'du on Tuesday afternoon, and Robin flies out on Thursday to Neplaganj and then SImikot ? on Friday with Geoff and the boys, while I swan around in the 'du with my falling down specs and ill matched wardrobe. Soon I won't be able to blame my dress sense on eyesight.. just bad taste. Oh dear.
And in the stupidest news I have ever read from Kathmandu (and that's saying something) I offer you this: Lost Baggage Nightmare. I'm sure hoping this doesn't happen again on Tuesday.
 So you can all look forward to more excitement from the land that has had 10 or 11 attempts for parliament to vote for a PM - the last few times only one bloke stood but not enough people turned up to enable him to get the votes he needed. So after 4 months or more the guy who resigned is still in charge with no end in sight. Go figure. And I'll let you know what the story is with power cuts when I get there as I am too scared to ask.
And here's what our room will look like about 10 minutes after we arrive

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