Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Dashain

yes it's HIndu festival time again. Dashain, the 10 day festival has begun in earnest - we will only get the tail end of it when we arrive next week in Nepal. All Hindu Nepalis take this time to spend their bonus on gambling, eating, shopping or visiting far flung family. It can be a nightmare as a visitor trying to get things done as many businesses are closed, and the banks always seem to run out of money. And everybody eats sweets like these....

Dashain is closely followed by Tihar/Diwali, The Festival of Lights, which usually involves dangerous fireworks,  alcohol and gambling. Tihar is the festival of good luck and incorporates the 'brother/sister' tikka where many years ago Robin and I got adopted into Puru's family. So it is good that I will be in town for it this year. It means I get a present.
Eyesight developments: I have decided to see if I can get my cataract surgery done at the Tilganga eye hospital in Kathmandu. It was set up by the Fred Hollows Foundation and has a very good reputation - and I'm sure it wil be cheaper than the price I was quoted here. And with the money I save I can make a donation to them to help others - I think they still quote $25 to make a person see again! It's a wonderful place with highly trained surgeons, and they actually have the lab that makes the Intra Ocular lenses there; these lenses are then sent worldwide and if you have had cataract surgery you probably have one of their products.
I'll check it out after the holiday season in Nepal and let you know.
Been busy watching the Commonwealth Games from Delhi - I'm somewhat astounded that they managed to get everything pretty well finished on time and think that the people who got "delhi belly' were just unlucky - it can happen to anyone. Rather a shame that nobody seems to be at any of the events...

So, we're looking forward to heading back to Nepal next week although it's a shame I cant go trekking. At least I still get to go to Bardia jungle for a few days - not that I will manage to spot anything with my rapidly deteriorating eyesight! I hope after that (all the festivals will be over) I can get the eye stuff done and get to see things. And stop falling over and crashing into stuff. And read books again.
Meanwhile there's always Sams and the fibre optic light we bought!

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