Monday, October 25, 2010

sunshine and rickshaws

there's lots of both here right now. and also squillions of people - most of the hotels are full and I had to wait over an hour for a meal last night. Even the bar was full by 6.10 when I got there.
So where were we up to? I remember, I had been to the hospital. OK, so now I am putting eyedrops in 4 times a day to stave off infection (yes they sting too) and I am confining myself to a very small range of places as my eyesight seems to have clapped out completely now that I know I'm getting it fixed up. Typical. We have gorgeous weather 25-27 and bright sun (wish I could wear my sunnies) in the day, but the last few nights have been really cool at 11 degrees. So I have busied myself sorting out the clothes for cooler weather. And lounging around as I feel I should practice for after the op when I have been told to do nothing strenuous, don't go trekking, don't lift anything. Oh well if you insist doctor!
Robin and the boys have been enjoying the trek so far - they spent last night in a place called Timure - trouble is there are 2 of those in the same area so I'm not sure which one they are in - but they did go to a local hot springs to relax. The weather for them is also very good but I expect the clear skies make it very cold in a tent after dark. 
I have also been busy transferring movies from the enormous multi terrabyte hard drive Geoff brought over, so that I could be entertained in times of patheticness and no power. There's some great movies there that I've not seen for years. I have no idea where he gets all these things.
Sadly the internet here at home is crappy as ever, so I have taken Alvin the Apple out for a walk to the Korean restaurant that does great milk drinks. And has decent internet. Oh speaking of which there is a rumour that there is a NORTH KOREAN restaurant in town. I wonder what they serve - fermented gravel with dirt? Some of us are toying with going there for a laugh instead of for a meal.
The restaurant I'm in right now is directly opposite the spooky 'China's Tibet Bookstore' which seems to have been set up by the propaganda wing of the PLA of the PRC. If you know what I mean.  Very odd. Also odd is that I am here in Mandala Street, which had a fair on the weekend, and as I was walking through here yesterday I was accosted by a panda - which has nothing to do with Nepal but a lot to do with the aforementioned bookstore. I think. Weird.
And here's what I had for lunch yesterday: chocolate brownie sundae with 2 scoops of icecream. YUM Today it's an iced latte.
Later this week some friends will start coming back from the hills so there will be more people to gossip with. Till then I have maybe 4 or so friends here, plus family, and of course the shopkeepers I chat to and have tea in the sun with. It's a pleasant life.
I will also soon have to get cracking on some GHT things - once the eyes get sorted a bit more - and planning a book launch (the new Trailblazer trekking in Nepal and GHT book) in December. I must also remember to change our plane tickets home.
We've just had some electrical shenanigans here with the power going off and the generator needing to be set.
Right then I'm off to confidently predict some weather.....

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