Tuesday, October 26, 2010

here we go again

Poor old half blind and stressed logistics has to pull out all stops again.
Yesterday I got several calls from Robin about problems he was going to have with the trek he was planning after Geoff and the boys fly to meet me in Bardia National Park. He was told by locals that he would need to get a China permit (even though he would still be in Nepal - don't ask) which of course they don't have, and Robin somehow managed not to have a sunhat or buff - I have no idea where they are - but he was unable to buy a hat for his big boofhead in Simikot. Since the sun has been beating down on them he has decided best not to keep trekking. So I am now trying to arrange 3 flight tickets from Simikot for him and the staff, tickets back to Kathmandu with me and Geoff and the boys, and extra accommodation in the jungle.  At least it's stopping me from thinking about the op tomorrow.
So we'll all be together in Bardia which will be good. Dr Ruit said it's fine for me to fly 2 weeks after the op, and by then my eye should have healed sufficiently for me not to be too paranoid about it. I still won't be allowed to do too much so I might be doing a lot of relaxing in the sun, as I will only be able to walk a few kms - and I certainly won't be going rafting!
A friend who has a place up the hills behind Kathmandu has invited me to stay with her for a few days after the op - the air is clean and she has a lovely garden and a nice little man to make me cups of tea, so I reckon I'll take her up on the offer. I believe I have to go back to the hospital the day after the op to get the eye checked and the patch hopefully removed, then I could go up to her place and enjoy the flowers and a cute puppy. And if I could ever get my email to work I could reply to her invitation!
No pic today as the internet is not happy about uploading - very fickle. But I do have an excellent quote from a newspaper article I read over brekky: This quote was from Mr Amrit Man Tuladhar, National Programme Manager of Earthquake Risk and Recovery Preparedness Programme for Nepal (Ministry of Physical Planning and Works) PHEW. "The preparation of preparedness during the time of disaster is very poor." Much like his English and his waffly job title.
Wish me luck for tomorrow - no, on second thoughts just wish me bravery!

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