Thursday, October 28, 2010

I CAN SEE!!!!!

I am thrilled to the back teeth (fillings included) to report that the operation was a success. And not scary. The scary part was the local anaesthetic injections in/around the eye. Well the first one anyway. Lucky I made them give me some diazepam or I would have run a mile. Actually I probably couldn't have considering I didn't have my glasses on and was wearing the Nepali version of a hospital gown - purple baggy too short trousers and a short kurta top with fetching hat thing like the North Korean nuclear scientist sport. Lovely. And no, I didn't have a photo. The doctor did 52 cataracts yesterday morning, and I was of course the only foreigner so I made lots of new friends who I got to see again this morning at the clinic. We were all smiling from ear to ear today, instead of looking scared like yesterday.
Dr Ruit  told me he would only take 6 or 7 minutes to do the op and that was true. My friends who came with me got to watch it on the big telly outside the theatre and they were pretty impressed. They were also glad it wasn't happening to them! I didn't feel a thing and it was rather fascinating to see through the murk what was happening. And I am a WUSS so anyone can do it. Really! I have another eyepatch till Sunday - I have to boil it every morning for 15 mins to stave off infection, and of course I have some more stinging eye drops 5 times a day. But the care I received was second to none. And a bargain compared to home.

Just after the op when I got home
yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Here's how stupid reading glasses look over an eye patch

So now I'm relaxing at my friend's place in Budhanilkantha, overlooking the valley and the smog, lazing in the sun drinking cups of tea and supervising the pets. It's tough.
2 nights here then back to the mayhem for more clinic visits and social engagements. It's a wonder I have time for anything these days.

On a serious note, if any of you are ever thinking of donating to a worthy cause but can't think which one, please consider the Fred Hollows Foundation. They help people with sight problems all over the world, and they make the intra ocular lenses that will one day replace yours if you get cataracts. And you are helping a person with no income get their eyesight and livelihood back.
Time to go back into the sun and maybe put some more eyedrops in. Robin is somewhere near Yari today - I wasn't really paying attention when he called yesterday as I was too excited about ME!
Of course I have to thank everyone at Tilganga who looked after me (and all the other patients there) as well as my friends and family here: my excellent bhai Puru and niece Yashu who came with me to the hospital and held my hand, Uttam for walking me out for dinner and drinks last night, Rafi and Petra for being seen in public with me, and Sam, Stephen Darling, Verena, Clare and all the others who offered help. And Robin, next time you have to come with me!
bye for now

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