Saturday, October 30, 2010

back from the convalescent home

and what a relaxing time that was. Beautiful weather, great company and delicious food. I was kept pretty busy on the sunlounger. As I'm sure you can imagine.
Robin and the boys also had a day off yesterday and slaughtered a goat for lunch. MMM. I talked to Luke who told me that he had some of the liver but he didn't really sound too impressed and I can't blame him for that.
Next weekend is Tihar(Diwali) the festival which kinda brings in a new year, and there will be lots of drinking, gambling and maybe firecrackers.
Nepal still doesn't have a Prime Minister - there was another useless vote in the Umpteenth PM Election ( UP ME) but the place still seems to be running just the same as ever.
Meeting a few friends this evening - as opposed to hanging out at Jazzmandu which frankly doesn't do it for me.
Doctors again tomorrow and then roast Sunday lunch at the British club.
Bye for now

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