Friday, October 8, 2010

Another strange week

complete with changes of plan....
Tuesday I went off to the eye specialist to hear what I already knew - I've got a cataract and I need to get rid of it. Shame that it is gonna cost about $5000 (all my savings - well, tax refund actually) but at least I can get it done before Xmas. 2 problems though - I can't wear my contact lenses now because my eye needs to straighten out or settle down or something, so I am reduced to wearing a pair of specs on an old prescription (somewhat hampering my already poor eyesight) and I have to come back early from the Nepal trip for some hideously expensive tests before the op. So now I can't go trekking (as I would probably fall over a cliff I couldn't see) but I still get to go to the jungle with Geoff and the boys. Even if there is a tiger I seriously doubt that I would be able to see it.
Robin had another birthday on Wednesday, and last night he gave his final presentation for World Ex about the GHT trips next year.
I have spent most of the week peering at things and tripping over the cat. I managed to drive none too confidently, but the bright sun is killing me - I have the 'transition' lenses in my multifocals but they just don't go dark enough.
So after the op in December my left eye will be adjusted for distance (to match the right eye which will still need a contact lens) so I will still need reading glasses - so I have kept all my pairs of different strengths as I have no idea how well I will be able to see. It's kinda scary, but it will also be the first time I can see properly out of that eye since the Bronze Age!
And on a high note, remember I said how much I loved Bakewell tarts? Well I found a recipe on a blog called The Caked Crusader and made a batch for Robin's birthday. They didn't even last 24 hours. Must make some more. Soon!

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