Thursday, August 11, 2011

wish I was drip dry

I just got caught in a huge downpour that my poor brolly couldn't cope with. Robin, Puru and I had been down to Indra Chowk to get some 100% cotton for sir to get some shirts made and Puru and I were heading back when the skies opened and we tried to shelter under the brolly with limited success. So we hid in a pashmina shop, then a khukri knife outlet before we finally gave up and Puru jumped in a rickshaw to go back to work. While I sploshed my way thru the puddles and got drowned by passing vehicles.
Despite the poor weather, a shopkeeper who was standing outside his Kashmiri emporium said to me "Hello madam would you like to spend your money in my shop?" When I said no, not right now thanks, he said "I take American Express, Visa, Mastercard.". Never miss a money making opportunity!
Met a lovely chap from Darjeeling last night who has worked as a trekking guide for some years and has done part of the India GHT and is now in Nepal to start his west to east traverse next Monday. A delightful fellow called Dhendup Lama. Hope it all works out well for him as he will be trekking right through December in the high passes where it can get extremely cold.
Went to Miss Juni's hairdo shop this morning to get rid of the hair beanie that has been on my head and making me sweat so profusely.I now plan to enjoy the afternoon movie - yesterday it was Octopussy with Roger Moore and lots of baddies with foreign accents. Who knows what delight awaits me today?

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