Thursday, August 18, 2011

More crazee news

Well for starters today is day 1 of the indefinite nationwide transport strike because transport 'entrepreneurs' (as they are so inaptly called) have a 41 point demand that has not been met. I don't know what they want. Let's hope it ends by Monday as we have to get to the airport first thing Tuesday so we can go to Sri Lanka. And I am still waiting for my contact lenses which are somewhere on the Indian border no doubt caught in this strike.
Taxi drivers are also 'miffed' about something or other, I have forgotten what, and so joined in the strike action.
We are once again in Prime Minister limbo here in Nepal, with the last bloke resigning on Monday and the parties now have until Saturday (I think) to pick someone. The main candidates seem to be Sher Bahadur Deuba (who has already had 3 turns and was even sacked for incompetence) and Babu Ram Bhattarai (the Maoist number 2) who did a sterling job as Finance Minister and would have to be better than the other boofhead.
And of course the monsoon rains continues to fall as you can see. I bet this chap hadn't bargained on such a riverfront property when he built.

 And you thought public transport was bad.....
And this just because it's unfortunate.

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