Monday, August 8, 2011

And in the news right now

So I plan to apply for a job at this newly opened Ministry as soon as possible. I think it would be a great place to work....
You will be thrilled to know that my eye is improving every day - I even crossed the deadly Kantipath intersection 4 times today without my guide dog and I'm still alive. And speaking of pedestrians, the big investments for Nepal Tourism Year 2011 have been some green wheelie bins in Thamel (donated by the Chinese) and some rather randomly placed pedestrian crossings. I've not been brave enough to use them myself - they seem to give drivers an unfair advantage in lining you up in their sights. I prefer the duck out and stay on target method. Even with limited distance vision.

Meanwhile it looks as though I may have left it too late to get a Nepali drivers licence, if today's newspaper is anything to go by. As I mentioned the other week, the journalism in this country goes from bad to worse and this item in today's Post is a classic. Do enjoy.
The weather now is very muggy with big storms most afternoons and evenings. We gave up on trying to join the Hotel Malla pool and gym as it was too expensive, so we are now having a go at joining the American Club, Phora Durbar, where I was a temp member a few years ago. It has a great pool, gym, tennis, squash and is building a sauna too apparently (not that you need one in this weather!). The cafe is pretty good as well, and their wi-fi always works. Now we just have to wait and see.
The foreigners in Thamel at the moment seem to consist of: Hindu pilgrims off to Mt Kailash in Tibet or Muktinath in the Annapurnas, Japanese groups in matching vinyl vests taking the same photos of everything on the street (do not get stuck behind them!), and the gap year students full of good intentions and not a lot else. Until Friday night when the bars do a roaring trade via shots of Tequila. How very classy. Saw one last Friday night before 9pm on the ground in her white shorts and boob tube - such sensible attire...ERK!
Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely chap called Sunil Tamang who walked a huge chunk of the GHT all by himself earlier this year. He's 20 and very self motivated - he started with only Rs 28,000 (about $375 Aussie) and got all the way to Rara Lake in the west. A fine example of what you can achieve even with very little assistance.
And in news from the travel insurance department:  2 foreigners here required urgent assistance: one a male paranoid schizophrenic who had stopped taking his tablets, the other a female nymphomaniac who I'm not sure what happened to her. They were shipped off to the same secure facility, in separate vehicles, but the bloke jumped out of the ambulance on the way, the cops pursued him and he was finally bundled into a taxi. It is to be hoped they make a beautiful friendship together. Who knows how long the poor sods will be there before someone comes to rescue them.
I had better hand the laptop back to Brave Sir Robin who is champing at the bit to do some more work. I'm back to Tilganga tomorrow for another check up and more eyedrops - hopefully I can reduce it from the current 8 times a day I am on at present.

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