Wednesday, August 10, 2011

full steam ahead

Kathmandu has become very muggy the last few days and everyone is getting frustrated with it. No deodorant seems able to cope. Sadly.
Had another visit to Tilganga and was told by Dr Ruit to go off and enjoy my new life. Excellent. I now need specs for distance (as opposed to everything else I needed them for) so I ordered 3 pairs today - 1 pair with transition lenses that change from dark to clear when you go inside, one lot plain for inside, and one dark for sunnies, and it cost me Rs 3000 (not even 50 bucks). And I can collect them on Friday and not in a week or so like at home. God love them they even gave me a discount!
So that means that soon I will be able to: see the TV, read signs across the road, find streets when I'm driving, spot UFOs heading straight for me, and avoid wild animals. All of which will be useful.
Rather glad to be here in the muggy old 'du as opposed to being mugged in London. Those people need a damn good thrashing. Mind you if you want to rob a bank in Wales now would be the time since all their coppers have gone to London. Not that I am suggesting anyone should do that. Just an observation.
Statistics released yesterday re civil aviation in this wonderful country reveal that 35% of the plane crashes in the last 20 years resulted in fatalities...What marvellous news! And the Ministry of Tourism has the worst record for fixing 'irregularities' - only managing 10%. Like the runway presumably.
I'm off to stand in front of the fan and disperse my aroma.

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