Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On your marks, get set....GO!

After a day of fiddle-faddling in Darchula (the Indian one, not the one in Nepal), Brave Sir Robin and Mystic Bob will start the GHT India proper tomorrow. They are currently holed up in the honeymoon suite at the YMCA in Darchula - probably not as appealing as it sounds.
Last night Robin tried calling me with his Indian SIM but it didn't work, so whipped out the Nepal one and hey presto! I now have so many numbers programmed in for him that I feel like I should work in shifts! There are the regular numbers: Australia, India, Nepal, satellite, and then the ones where I use the cheapo phone card (save me dialling 34 numbers every time I want to call).
Robin was very excited to report that India being what it is, they had to report to the magistrate this morning to get permission to continue. However the magistrate was off on holidays - so as he doesn't know they are there,  he can't forbid them to continue. Robin then had the 'thrill' of crossing the bridge border from India to Nepal and back again - without his documebts. Ooh err what a daredevil.
Oh, one of my favourite films just came on SBS: Himalaya. It's set in Dolpo and has the most beautiful scenery, and a story as old as time itself. The villagers take their yaks to trade salt as the harsh winter closes in. Is the old chief right, or do the young men of the village have the right idea? If you are at all interested in Nepal, Tibet or different cultures (and you probably are if you are reading this) then watch it sometime. It is about a world that is slowly disappearing forever.
And staying in Nepal, tonight is NYE. That's right folks, tomorrow it will be 2068 in the Nepali calendar.  Which makes me way too old to be using this inter web hurdy gurdy.
I'm off to investigate what the cat is up to, and refill my glass with a dash of something wonderful for New Year.
Cheers everyone

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