Thursday, April 28, 2011

exciting wildlife sightings

That's right there has been more than one. On a bridge the other day coming down to Munsiyari Robin saw 2 red pandas sitting around having a chirp at each other. Of course, you will recall his camera is non functional. Of course. Here's a link to a wonderful BBC site that has great little movies and info on all sorts of animals, but this is for the red panda pages. Here's my red panda picture - I think red pandas are fabulous!
The other thrilling piece of wildlife was ..... angora rabbits. Yesterday on their 2nd day off in marvellous Munsiyari Robin took Bob's camera and toddled off to a village which was supposedly about 50% authentic (and therefore 50% unauthentic Shakti concrete monstrosity). The big attraction there was the wild angora bunny farm where the local lasses weave the bunny fur (geez that has to be a painstaking profession!) into shawls and jumpers. Luckily he managed to escape unscathed. He also got the ladies at Bunny Game Park to dress in all their finery for a video (at least that camera works) and avoided buying me anything. Sod.
Robin explained that they are a very odd mix of Buddhist and Hindu - not that the population is half-half, but the people each hold a mix of Buddhist/Hindu beliefs and customs. But he was unable to establish how this came about. They call themselves SHOKA people from Darkot. No luck with googling that yet but will keep trying. He also visited a funny old local museum run by a school teacher.
So today they were heading off on the next leg to Joshimath - the camera that was bought for RS 35,000 and is not returnable and doesn't work with the same brand lenses (don't get me started) is headed back to Delhi for a slap. The SPOT hasn't arrived yet and Maninder managed to spoil that surprise by telling Robin about it (Indians! GRRR).
Meanwhile I am recovering after 2 long days at work (too much to do in the allotted hours this week!) and of course am almost wetting myself with excitement over the royal wedding tomorrow.
Here's some wedding jewellery I bet you won't see tomorrow at Westminster Abbey!

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