Thursday, April 14, 2011

On your marks, get set....GO BACK!!!

Why is this not a surprise? Off the boys zoomed this morning, only to be foiled by the ITBP (India Tibet Border Police) due to a lack of a piece of paper signed by the local magistrate, who you will remember is off on a holiday somewhere - probably watching IPL.
So they were turned back - good thing the Honeymoon Suite at the YMCA was still available. Hey, how come I never get to go the Honeymoon Suite with Robin? I see I must 'have words'.
Anyway, they are now attempting to get a bit of paper signed by someone else (the mail man? the vet?) and if they can't they will have to head off at 6am for Pithoragarh  to see the magistrate there, who apparently is NOT having a holiday, and then drive back up the road again. Perhaps another night in the Honeymoon Suite? At this rate they'll get one night free!
Robin says it has now occurred to him, what with Indians doing all his logistics instead of moi, Logistiques Queen, how damned useful I am and just how much I do.
Not that I have exactly nothing to do now.
1. Wake up.
2. Feed pet
3. Have shower and put clothes on in correct order
4. Make breakfast and pack lunch for work
5. Feed pet across the road (just for a week)
6. Go to workplace for 8 hours plus travel time
7. Come home empty next door mailbox (just another couple of days)
8. Empty my mailbox feed pet
9. Empty mailbox across the road, feed pet
10. Xbox zumba for 20 mins
11. Cook dinner
12. Check Robin's email and Facebook and respond as required
13. Check my email and catch up with people who have a life
14. Send weather forecast for trekking area I can't see on a map to a person who may not receive it
15. Open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc if I haven't already (this would usually be step11)
16. Go to bed if time permits

See isn't life FUN.
 Nepali New Year a couple of years ago.
Cheers for 2068!

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