Friday, April 15, 2011


Just got a call from Brave Sir Robin - they've got the signed paperwork and are heading to the trailhead (wherever that may be) - I had better start consulting my fabulous Survey of India tourist maps, purchased in the marvellous headquarters in Dehra Dun a few years ago.
He may be out of phone range for up to a week, so I have a chance to get my stuff sorted out to start sending weather reports again.
A big thanks to Viv for the tip about Skype calling - what a boofhead that I never thought of it myself. It's a winner and very good call quality. I now have more options than a Bangalore Call Centre for keeping in touch with my number one!
It's really starting to get chilly here in Sydney and I'm not sure I like it. But I do get to share the bed (and my pillow) with puss every night.
Got a flu shot yesterday courtesy of my lovely employer - it didn't hurt but I got a headache and ended up sneezing for about 2 hours last night. What fun.

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