Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorry Peter heres a blog posting!

I can't believe I got into trouble at work today for not updating my blog! Does this man not know how busy I am? Obviously not.
I had zumba 4 nights last week after work, 3 dinner outings and I had to do some work for my employer, my husband, my mum and the neighbour. It's a wonder I haven't disappeared up my own whatsit! Speaking of which Lakshmi the Wonder Cat just did a horrible fart - well it wasn't me so it must have been her.
So, Labor lost the state election - no surprise there. I had the local member on the blower last week asking me to vote for her, I ran into the Independent candidate at the station on the way to work, and took part in a bodgy phone survey about the Greens candidate. It's the first time so many people have been interested in what I think!
Robin is now getting ready for India tomorrow - he's headed to Hauz Khas (where I stayed last year) so you can soon hear all about naughty Hydra and the goings on with Captain Ashram and the lovely school teacher. I do hope nobody else in the house dies this trip.
I'm about to get another horror bill from Optus - why didn't I think of getting an overseas calling card thingy before. DINGBAT. I got one from MR CALLS - great name and it works so I'm happy. Feel free to insult me over this.
On Saturday I went to a wedding of 2 friends - both on their 2nd attempt. It was a hoot even though the weather wasn't too flash and I got lost 6 times on the way. No worse than a couple  of taxi drivers who stuffed it up too. It was great to run into some old acquaintances. The minister was a funny old chook who had a bumbag full of 'useful' things for a marriage - rubber bands to remind you to be flexible, eraser to wipe out mistakes, Bandaids to patch up things etc. We were all crying with laughter as she was rooting though this overstuffed bumbag to pull things out, just like Mary Poppins bag.
And, on a very lighter note, I am leading the work footy tipping comp. I do not know how. Last week Malika, from India, was in front by using the zigzag selection theory. I'm not even that organised!
Here's a photo of a painting by our friend Manish Lal Shrestha. He does some wonderful contemporary work. Enjoy!!!

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