Sunday, March 6, 2011

There goes another week

Beautiful Olang
And Robin has almost finished his stint at leading stage 1 of the World Ex GHT Traverse. Today they are headed to the Nango La with Olangchungola in their sights. Olang is where my wonderful eye surgeon, Dr Sanduk Ruit, comes from. It's a small place which used to rely on trade with Tibet. Some of my boss Peter's in laws hail from there too. Must get Robin to say hi to them. It's the last biggish place the trekkers will see for a while. After Olang Robin heads off on his own for a bit, while Toni and Greg keep heading towards Makalu and a date with Stephen Venables who is leading the Makalu to Everest part, the most technical of the stages.

Here's a couple of locals from Ghunsa, where they spent 2 nights. Robin was terribly sad to leave Ghunsa yet again, as he found the people so delightful and welcoming there. Although it was Losar and supposed to be a celebration, there was not too much partying as there had been many deaths in the village the previous year. They had a goat for dinner as well as some rakshi - no party is complete without goat curry and rakshi. The school kids turned up to sing for them, and not just the usual songs. Apparently one little boy had made up a song about why you should be clean and wash your hands! How gorgeous. Some kids also came in fancy dress of wild animals - one little darling arrived dressed as a giraffe. Don't ask me how they managed to think that one up but I think we would all do well to beware the High Altitude Giraffes of Makalu!
On the home front it was a hectic week at work and then on Friday, just as I was looking forward to getting home and going across the road for Steve's birthday and the Super Rugby (the Tahs lost) I got stuck on Sydney's busted public transport system. It took me almost 3 times as long to get home on the stupid train. Got home, opened the mailbox and found a phone bill for $398 for the MONTH thanks to having to call Robin on the sat phone. Gawd! Thank heavens I don't have to do that for much longer.
I am pleased to report that I have had 100% accuracy with my weather forecasts for him, thanks in no small part to this wonderful website. Combined with my other sites of choice it seems almost foolproof. Let's see if it stays that way.
Mother has decided to be difficult now. We have a nurse come to her place morning and evening to make sure she has her tablets and something to eat, as well as a shower and any other things that need doing.Well, Edna May has decided she doesn't 'need' it, and so locks the place up and closes the blinds and hides so the nurse can't get in. And doesn't take her tablets or eat meals. She won't be long out of care if she keeps that caper up. But try telling her that.
Life goes on...

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