Saturday, March 12, 2011

Steamy in Sydney

To say it's muggy would be an understatement - I hung out some laundry and it's wetter than when I got it out of the machine! I think autumn isn't quite here yet judging by the sweat running off me.
Well this week has certainly been a busy old week - I was lucky to get to bed before midnight most evenings.The usual fun and games at work which keeps me off the streets in the daytime.
I've been trying to find all the files that got mucked up or deleted when some mongrel hacked Robin's website again. Finally got them all sorted about 10.30 on Thursday night.
Robin has now left the World Ex group and is headed back to Kathmandu. Once there he will catch up on all his email, and start to organise the India part of his trip. First job, get an Indian visa at the infamous Indian Embassy Kathmandu. I don't know anybody who has been there and left with a positive impression, but they are definitely better than when I first went there in 1993. Back then you had to wait about 2 weeks after you applied for them to send a TELEX to your home country to make sure you were legit or whatever. Then you had to go back and check in some locked notice boards to find your telex and alert a member of staff who would then finish their cup of tea, comb their hair, pick their teeth and emerge from behind the counter with a key to unlock the glass door on the noticeboard. After they retrieved your telex they went back behind their desk while you waited for them to process your visa. If it happened to tick over to 12 o'clock the windows closed and you had to come back the next day. A singularly frustrating exercise and a grand introduction to Indian bureaucracy. I gather it is somewhat more streamlined now. I await updates.
I've just come back from the weekly shop and my god the prices have shot up since the floods in Queensland and the Libyan bother. $3.49 for a lettuce!!! And diesel has gone up 15 cents a litre in just 2 weeks. Good thing it's just me and the cat I'm feeding or I'd go broke. Consequently my trolley looks pretty odd cos when something I use is on special I stock up - today it was cat food, Shortbread Creams, tea and bread. Plus a few vegetable items. Eww it  sounds like an old pensioner's shopping!
To add joy to the shopping experience we have the bonus of local members touting for our votes in the State election coming up in 2 weeks. No thank you sir or madam I do not want to know what you will do for me. They are all a bunch of self serving boofheads and not likely to get a tick in the box from yours truly. So there.
More problems with mother mean a meeting tomorrow wherein my sister and I will have to sit her down and set her straight on how things are going to be from now on - of course she isn't going to like it but we are left with little choice. When you can get help which you are unable to provide to allow someone to stay at home instead of going into care you can't afford to say no. Getting a place in care for the elderly is not an easy thing.  So that will be tomorrow taken care of I suspect. I'll probably need a stiff drink after it's all over.
Of course the big news is the dreadful earthquake and tsunami in Japan.I'm sure it will be some time before the full details of all the death and destruction are known. It certainly made for compelling viewing on the big screen as the huge wall of black water mowed down cars and buildings. And now I see there is a nuclear alert there. This could get a whole lot worse before it gets better.
Have a great weekend, hope your team wins.

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