Monday, September 6, 2010

and the fun just keeps coming

now where was I up to before? Ah yes, hospital visits. Well they are still on, but we are hopeful that both patients will be out in the next few days. Both are making good progress and starting to get BORED in their repetitious existences. That's always a good sign. And I for one will be glad to see both of them back home and within 'visiting without a packed lunch' distance.

So, I have now finished work for what may be the rest of the year. Feels a bit weird not having a job but I am sure I will adjust. OOH better already!

On Friday night we graced the Australian Himalayan Foundation annual dinner with our presence. Ran into some of the now ex young boys we took trekking to Nepal many years ago - I'd never get away with giving them a clip over the ear these days! They are delightful young men and it is good to think that the trip has had a lasting influence on them in some positive way. Also ran into an old mate from Nepal (what a surprise that was to see Balaram all togged up in his Nepali suit and topi). Had a leeeetle too much wine so Saturday was a little slow.It was crappy weather anyway so who cares?

Sunday (yesterday) there were big spring winds through town which took out the top few branches of our absent neighbour's tree - which luckily didn't cause too much damage. But it did need to be dealt with, so we called the SES. What a lovely hard working bunch they are. They were out in Neal's yard till about 11.30pm getting rid of the very dangerous bits and now we have some more big blokes with a crane and a giant mulcher thingy. Very loud and exciting. But also quite messy. Sorry Neal if this is news to you but you should read your email more often! Or trim your giant tree more often! and that is just one of the branches. There were plenty more.
Wow just went out the back and there isn't much tree left at all now. How weird.
Well I'm off to check out the crane etc.

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