Friday, September 10, 2010

almost time for the UK

That's right this time next week I shall be freezing somewhere in the UK. They say travel broadens the mind, but it also narrows the wallet. Especially if you are trying to book a hotel in London. Hey, I just want a room not the whole blasted hotel! Robin thinks in our few spare days we should head for Dartmoor - isn't that where people get murdered? I do hope not.
Meanwhile, I had an eye test to try to find out why I can't see for $hit in my left eye (I have been wearing specs/contacts since I was 4) and it seems I probably have a cataract there which is blurring vision. Great. Oh but it is an EASY operation and you will see better than ever! Yes, but since my health cover isn't sufficient it will cost me about $6000. If I'm lucky. Which I am not usually. And where am I getting the money from? I'm glad you asked. I'll have to get back to you on that. All donations gratefully accepted.
So this week is the first week of my 'between contracts' life. I have: watched next door's tree get lopped and mulched, had 2 eye tests, shopped, done a bunch of stuff for Robin on the GHT website, houseworked, gone back to bed to escape reality, and helped our charming Rotarian dentist with arrangements for their 60th anniversary dinner tonight. Robin has been invited to give a presentation in return for a free feed for the 2 of us. It should be a good evening. But who gets to be the designated driver - I bet it's me.
And of course we finally got our PM (good on you Julia) - unlike Nepal who has had 6 goes now and still nothing.
The best news of all this week is that we no longer have to do hospital visits as both mad nanna and the clumsy neighbour are home.
Here's the tree lopper up the tree and the crane taking away one of the big bits from next door.
Just in from Nepal: 'thunderbolt' has killed 24 goats who were lead to shelter under a tree by 3 people who are now being treated in hospital after the tree was struck by lightning in a hailstorm. AND civil servants participated in a 1 hour 'pen-down' protest about the government (such as it is) being unable to reach consensus on the hot topic of 'Who is the PM'.

Have a great weekend - hope your team wins.

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