Friday, September 17, 2010

Peterborough news

well that must have been the worst flights I ever had. Both were full and rather uncomfortable (about 23 hours all up) and then I had to join the 'I'm not European' queue (which wasted 1 hour and 4 minutes of my life) only to discover that I could have gone with Robin into the UK passport queue and gotten out much earlier. Oh well. At least I made some new friends in the queue, and now I know why people go in the back of freezer vans to cross the border, rather than wait in line.
So we drove to Peterborough, even though I managed to stuff up the sat nav - never used one before and don't understand it - where we had some sandwiches and I had my first bakewell tart, closely followed by my second. delicious.Took the 15 pet dogs for a walk on the soggy paddock, then a drive to the post office and bottle shop, followed by some pints at the pub ( I had halves) and dinner. Then finally a big sleep after being awake for nearly 2 days.
Will get some pics - shame I didn't have my camera for the lovely rainbow over the ploughed fields we saw on the way to the pub yesterday. Maybe next time.

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