Sunday, September 19, 2010

Village life in Peterborough

Here we are Sunday morning, Tony Blair has been on the radio, the Pope is in town and the sun is NOT out.

Yesterday we went to a very thrilling Bronze Age settlement nearby, called Flag Fen.

Once again I managed to get us lost (this time without the help of the sat nav) - we were on the right road but heading in the wrong direction. It was pretty daggy but since I had never seen a bronze age anything I wanted to go. Well, I had seen crappy dioramas in the museum at home about the bronze age, but that was about it.

There was also a peat bog thing inside a shed - does anyone else remember Peat Bog man?
Isn't that exciting looking!! And it ponged.

So only 1 more night on the cold wet Fens before we head down London way.  I'm still appalled at how fast everyone here drives, and I don't get the road system at all. And the roundabouts make me feel sick every time we whizz around them as the camber is different to the ones at home. 

And in local news, some 'yobs' threw a yoghurt pot at someone's front door and busted their letter slot. CRIME WAVE!!

Right then I'm off to drink more tea.

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