Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring has sprung!

And if you look VERY carefully you will see some blossoms on the tree. Who needs Botanical Gardens when you get to walk past this garden bed with several different sorts of plant in it?
Well it has been a hectic week or so.
First, as you probably know the election didn't really result in anything except disillusionment and confusion. And a fair bit of wheeling and dealing.
We paid a visit to our neighbour Susan in a rehab hospital on the Sunday after the election. Susan had been out the previous week and tripped on a dodgy council footpath and broke her femur up near her hip. Not very much fun for her - especially the 2 day wait in public hospital emergency for a bed and an operation.
Then on the Tuesday I got a call that the Perturbed Parent had been whisked off in an ambulance with an undisclosed leg problem. Thank goodness for WWII because dad got a Veterans Affairs gold Card for free medical, which my mum now gets too. So instead of having to go to a horrid public hospital like our poor neighbour she ended up in a swish new private hospital which was more like a hotel. Poor thing is very confused but in good hands.
I only have 3 more days of work on this contract, but am hoping for more in the future.
The Zumba classes are a hoot but it is much better now that I have my (thanks Rhonda) GOLD JIFFIES to slide across the floor in. Mind you, I still can't follow the moves so spend a lot of time wiggling around and waving my hands in the air.
We're busy lining up people to see and things to do for the UK trip - just skyping someone now in fact about catching up for a drink. AND I am allowed to go 'sightseeing' in Harrods without my wallet - how can that be fun?
Puss is squeaky and throwing her toy mouse around everywhere so I had better go and feed her before there is a mutiny.

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